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About CLient

Opomilum is a Pakistani business owned by a dedicated entrepreneur, specializing in selling high-quality sunglasses and jewelry through an e-commerce platform. Despite offering premium products, the brand struggled with minimal sales due to an unengaging website design, non-responsive functionalities, and underperforming advertisements. The client faced significant challenges, including a lack of brand identity and ineffective online presence. Recognizing these issues, we proposed a comprehensive rebranding strategy aimed at revitalizing Opomilum's market presence and driving business growth

Tecouwind (formerly Hi-tech Manufacturers)


Re-Naming, Branding, Website Redesign, Marketing Strategy


uPVC Windows & Doors Manufacturing, Fabrication, Lamination, and Installation



Pain Points

  • Inconsistent Brand Silos: The brand identity was fragmented and lacked consistency across different platforms and touchpoints. This inconsistency made it difficult for customers to recognize and trust the brand.
  • Lack of Brand Purpose: The brand did not have a clear cause or mission that resonated with its audience. This absence of a purpose-driven identity left potential customers without a compelling reason to choose Tecouwind over competitors.
  • Weak Customer Relationships: There was a noticeable disconnect between the brand and its customers, affecting customer loyalty and engagement. The brand’s communication was not effectively fostering a sense of community or loyalty.
  • Ineffective Logo Redesign: Previous attempts to redesign the logo had disrupted the brand’s intent and coherence. The new logo did not align with the brand’s values and failed to convey the desired message to the target audience.
  • Inconsistent Brand Experience: The brand experience, including colors and name, lacked consistency and failed to convey a unified message. This inconsistency hindered the brand’s ability to establish a strong market presence.
  • Unfriendly Brand Tone: The previous brand tone and touch were not customer-friendly, both in terms of brand communication and SEO performance. The brand’s online presence was not optimized to attract and retain customers.


  • Complete Rebranding: Develop a new digital and physical presence for the brand that reflects its core values and appeals to its target audience.
  • Enhance Brand Identity: Create a cohesive and appealing brand identity that resonates with customers and differentiates Tecouwind from competitors.
  • Improve Website Functionality: Redesign the website to be responsive, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines, thereby improving customer engagement and conversion rates.
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